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Please Note: We will be adding a lot more resourses as time will allow, now that we have a password protected web site. You will find here, Chaplaincy Information, Free Downloads, Free Courses, Chaplaincy Training And Grant Information. As chaplains we reach out to thousands of people through the Lords' ministry of presence. There are times that chaplains themselves have tragedys and problems in their own lives. Some loose their jobs, their homes, some have sickness and deaths in their families, there are many situations that cause problems in our lives. For that reason we also try to find ways for members to earn income for their ministries and for their families if needed. things that or have tragedys in their livesCheck back often for updates! Thanks Brother Moore, for helping us set this up!

Free Online Courses

1. Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care - This course will explore the causes, impact, experience, and types of trauma as it relates to domestic violence survivors, and delve into the nature, application and implementation of trauma-informed care.

2. Cultural Competency - his course covers how culturally appropriate and effective services can be created and provided by professionals in the domestic violence community and the importance of mastering culturally sensitive attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

3. Working With Undocumented Survivors - Focus on Domestic Violence and Immigration Law, This course will address specific issues for undocumented survivors of domestic violence. Special attention will be placed on the unique needs and considerations of immigrants. to take all three of these online courses.

Tip: Click on the transcript button on each page. You can then high light the text and copy and paste the trext into note pad or any other text program. It makes it a lot easier when you take the online test!

4. Download More Than 20 Seminary Courses Free from Covenant Theological Seminary—Free! You may download, use and share courseware at no charge for non-commercial purposes. Lectures are in MP3 format, and study guides are available as PDFs. Our hope and prayer is that no matter where God has stationed you in His Kingdom or how He has gifted you to serve, you will find that these resources encourage and strengthen your ministry. to get these courses!

5. Plus: Resources for Life Provides over 1000 audio and print resources for additional learning, teaching, and ministry-related needs from Covenant seminary faculty and guest speakers—Also Free!

Note: Many of our members have forgotten that we do have a member's board also. For those who are interested it can be found by clicking on the following link: Click here to visit members board you will need to register and sign in.

The Christian Law Association: The Christian Law Association is a "ministry of legal helps." Its purpose is to provide free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing legal difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition of one form or another. Since 1969, the number of legal attacks on ministries has exploded. CLA receives in excess of 100,000 phone calls annually, not counting the thousands of pieces of correspondence from those who are in some way facing legal difficulties for doing what the Bible commands. These cases involve Christians arrested for witnessing to others in public, public school students being told they do not have the right to read their Bibles at school, churches being excluded from communities, Christians being fired for sharing their faith at work, and thousands of other shocking assaults on our precious religious freedoms.If you have a problem contact the CLA for more information. Visit The CLA Web Site
Free- Bible software, Bible dictionaries, commentaries All these are free, they are not shareware.There are volumes of books available as study tools. Computer software has changed the way we can study the Word of GOD. With a simple search or click of the mouse button, we now have access to these same volumes of scholarship within seconds! Click to downloads bible program!
Free- International CD-ROM Computer Bible Commentary: 2008 version by Dr. Bob Utley, retired Professor of Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation) contains over 8,000 pages of verse-by-verse exegetical Old Testament & New Testament commentaries as well as OT & NT Surveys. Also included are Bible commentaries in Bengali, French, Portugese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak & Urdu. Click Here! Dr. Utley sent us a thousand free bible commentaries when we ask for them. A good man doing great kingdom work. Chaplain Gibson
Free- THE OTHER CRISIS RESPONSE HANDBOOK MINISTERING & COUNSELING TO THE HOMELESS: By Master Chaplain Anthony Collins Ph.D. One of the most important qualities for volunteers is a joyful, servant-hearted, faith-filled, courageous, and flexible attitude! We would like to thank brother Collins for his service and hard work in the Lord's ministry. Download Your Free Copy

Chaplaincy Book & Training Materials: We work hard to find eveything we can on chaplaincy. We can not make anyone better themselves, or make them have a desire to learn, so we do what we can by getting them all the information we can find. See the link below for books on chaplaincy: Wedding Manuals, Funeral Manuals, Hospital Visitation Manuals, how to manuals,Ministers Manuals, Minister's Service Manual, Premarital Guidance, Ordination, Crisis Chaplaincy, On Death and Dying, Endorsing Agency,Grief Recovery Workbook, Impact Ministries , crisis intervention, faith based training, Start Church, counseling, military chaplaincy, Helping People Through Grief, Pastoral Care, women in ministry, Aging, Spirituality and Religion, ,become ordained, restrorative therapy, The Principles of Prison Ministry, Ordaining, Ecclesiastical Endorsement ,Ministry to the Incarcerated, Prison Ministry, Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out and a lot more.BOOKS ON CHAPLAINCY

Free - Mercy Street Ministries free street ministry training: Ricky Hobbs of Mercy Street Ministries is committed to sharing the message of Christ with all people. Through actual street witnessing, training of churches, and web based training. People in 66 nations and 48 states in America have been trained by the Street University. Complete the Free online evangelism traning course and receive a free certificate of completion Get A Certificate of Completion in Street Ministry

Law Enforcement Training Manual: This is one of the best training manuals we have found. Many Law Enforcement Chaplains have used this manual to get the training they needed to start a Law Enforcement Chaplaincy program or to get on as a Law Enforcement Chaplain. Law Enforcement Training Manual
USFA Publications: Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals and other emergency responders face a growing spectrum of job responsibilities and hazards. To make the job easier, USFA provides information resources in many formats, including books, videotapes and kits, free of charge. You can can use their online catalog to order from over 400 publications and other information products. USFA Publications

FEMA Independent Study Courses, We would like to thank Chaplain Dave Tofson for keeping us updated on upcoming FEMA courses. Chaplain Tofson works with FEMA in Indiana.

FEMA Independent Study Program: Free -To enroll in a course, view descriptions, download materials or take the final exam, select from the course listed. Some of the courses listed are eligible for college credit. Please refer to the Application for College Credit for a complete list of eligible courses. Get the training materials

Professional Development Series, Free - there are 7 courses. These are required for directors, but not bad for anyone that is interested in working through FEMA. The next are NIMS cert. These will be required of Emergency workers by June of 2006. Professional Development Series

National Incident Management System (NIMS), Free - This course introduces NIMS and takes approximately three hours to complete. It explains the purpose, principles, key components and benefits of NIMS. The course also contains "Planning Activity" screens giving you an opportunity to complete some planning tasks during this course. The planning activity screens are printable so that you can use them after you complete the course. IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Introduction to Incident Command System, Free - Introduction to the Incident Command System, introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) and provides the foundation for higher level ICS training. This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System. It also explains the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System, I-100

Community Emergency Response Training: Free - The purpose of this section of the FEMA Web site is to provide information which will help you to establish and maintain an effective CERT program, and to allow you to network with people throughout the United States and its territories regarding CERT activities. Get The Training Materials

Bible Word Search: Searches the KJV of the Bible and returns a listing of all occurences of the English word. Up to 5 words allowed. Exact phrase search performed. Wildcard * at end of word allowed. Also searches the following Bible study helps: Nave's Topical Bible, Torrey's New Topical Textbook, Vine's Dictionary of New Testament Words, Easton's Bible Dictionary, the Thematic Subject Guide, and Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary. Bible Word Search

Katraina Healthy Coping Strategies Free - In The Katrina Aftermath. Adapted from "The Spigot - Helpful Coping Activities" by Jim Norman and Kent Matthews, Oklahoma City, OK as incorporated into the previous version of Field Traumatology. Download Katraina Document

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing: Free - The Critical Incident Stress Debriefing process adapted from Jeffery T. Mitchell, "When Disaster Strikes". Download CISD Document

Tips for the visitation of the sick and dying: Free - Hospital and nursing home visitation demand your full attention. Download Tips for visitation

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Free - (PTSD) is in many ways a normal response to an abnormal situation. Download Information Document

Guidelines on religious exercise and religious expression in the federal workplace These Guidelines principally address employees' religious exercise and religious expression when the employees are acting in their personal capacity within the Federal workplace and the public does not have regular exposure to the workplace. Download Guidelines Document

Five Principles of Crisis Intervention: Free - Received from Chaplain Dave Fair Reducing the risk of premature Crisis intervention. Download File

Enhancing the Crisis Management Briefing: Free - The Crisis Management Briefing (CMB) is a powerful and versatile crisis intervention tool, effective within a wide variety of populations, settings, and critical incidents. Download File

Hurricane Blues Provide Valuable Lessons: Free - The purpose of this article is two-fold. The number one reason is to share, from a field experience perspective with both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, how effective CISM can be both during and after a natural disaster. Download File

Research: You will find a great deal of information here for your research. Links to religious resources that may be helpful in sermon preparation, personal study, or other matters related to our service to Christ. "Free" Click here!

Free Sermon Outlines: Here you will find over 1400 sermons and Bible studies by Mark A. Copeland. My prayer is they may help execute the Word of God in your life! You may use, copy, or distribute these outlines offline provided you do it free of charge. "Freely you have received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8) Perhaps you will find them suitable for sermon preparation, teaching Bible classes, or your own personal study of God's Word. For the most recent outlines, check out What's New? Click Here!

The Bible in Pictures: This old 658 page book contains fully 250 pages of illustrated Scripture lessons! It is a great resource for parents, Sunday School teachers & missionaries (pictures speak to every language). All of these pages are now free to copy, as the copyright (from 1922) has expired. Click Here!
Wedding and Funeral Sermons: "Free" Click Here to download!
Latest version of windows media player, it is "Free" -. Free Download:

Acrobat reader needed to view pdf files" Free" : Free Download

PowerPoint Viewer "Free" PowerPoint Viewer 2003 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. This viewer also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can view and print presentations, but you cannot edit them in the PowerPoint Viewer 2003. Note: If no end user license agreement is presented during installation or the first run of PowerPoint Viewer 2003, by downloading this software you agree that the software is subject to the terms of the end user license agreement that you already accepted with your previous installation of PowerPoint Viewer 2003, with Microsoft as the Licensor. Download!

Sex Offenders, Information sent in by Master Chaplain Larry Todd: This is especially for those who have children. You have a right to know who your neighbors are, here is a way you can find out. Go to the web site below, enter your address... it will show a map with a "house on it", that will be your house... all the colored boxes on the map are Sex Offenders... click on the colored boxes and you will get a name, address and picture of the person along whith why they are listed as a offender. Pass this on to your friends and family. Offender Map!

Suicide and Depression, The majority of people who commit suicide were sufering from a serious psychiatric illness at their time of death. Download Suicide and Depression Q&A

Chaplain's Wedding Manual: Pastor's Policy , Reservation Form, Wedding Planning Guide and 19 Wedding Ceremonies. Download Zip File

Chaplain Fellowship Ministries Store: Chaplains shirts, Hats and other gear. From years of experience we know that Chaplains are looked at in a different way if they look professional, a lot more doors will open and they are welcomed and shown respect. .Visit The Chaplain's Gear Store

Affiliate Subordinate Ministries Non-profit Grant Opportunities

1. Grant Proposal Writing Tips: Resource published by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that provides guideposts for the grant-writing process.

2. Grantwriting Basics: Ten tips for writing a successful proposal, along with additional resources for grant writers.

3. Grant Writing Tips:Grant-planning questions, basic elements of good proposals, and links to grant resources from an experienced grant writer.

4. Grant Writing Tip Sheets: General grant-writing tutorials as well as specific information about applying for National Institutes of Health grants.

5. Non-profit Guides: Grant-writing tools for nonprofits, including tips, sample proposals, and links.

6. Successful Grant Writing: A grant-writing consultant's outline of the basic steps necessary for planning the grant-writing process.

7. Writing a Successful Grant Proposal: The Minnesota Council on Foundations' detailed outline of a grant proposal, which is particularly oriented to project proposals.

8. EPA Grant-Writing Tutorial: Software program produced by Purdue University under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

9. Non-profit Grant Opportunities: Affiliate Subordinate Ministries! Check out The Foundation Center

10. Grants For Non-Profits: Focuses primarily on grants or funding sources for nonprofit organizations

11. The Ford Foundation, one of America's largest foundations, has awarded roughly 50 grants totaling $10.5 million over the past several years through a religious program created in 1997.

12. Grants For Religous Affiliates: Affiliate Subordinate Ministries!

13. Grants For Women: Foundation Grants, Grants and Funding, Grants Funding, Personal Foundation, Non Profit Grants.

14. Federal And State Grant Resourses: There is a lot of federal government opportunities here, check them out!

15. Directory of Charitable Grantmakers: Foundation home pages may contain downloadable information such as grant applications, periodical and financial reports, and e-mail capabilities.

16. Non-profit guides: Non-profit guides are free web-based grant-writing tools for non-profit organizations, charitable, educational, public organizations, and other community-minded groups. Our guides are designed to assist established non-profits through the grant-writing process.

17. GrantsNet serves the general public, the grantee community, and grant-makers (i.e. state and local governments, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and commercial businesses). GrantsNet provides a variety of Department-wide grants policies governing the award and administration of grant activities, publishing these in grants policy directives, regulations, and/or manuals. Go Here!

18. The Foundation Center: This searchable database serves as a gateway to philanthropy on the Web. It includes an online librarian, foundation finder, foundation profiles, and much more. Visit The Foundation Center

There are hundreds of fundraising location on the net for you to check into!

1. Best Fundraisers: They have Sponsor organizations standing by to assist you with finding the fundraiser that is right for you. Click here and fill in our free information form. You will recieve fundraising information and ideas from our Sponsors to help you decide what kind of fundraiser is best for you.

2. Alliance for Nonprofit Management: To be effective at providing support to nonprofits, and for nonprofits to be effective at realizing their missions, we need to understand each other culturally—individually and at the level of organizations, initiatives and communities.

3. 123Fundraising: Here you will find some of the best and most reputable Fundraising Companies in the country. We offer fundraising products and services Nationwide. Whatever your fundraising needs are, we have a company to meet them!

4. alphafundraising.com: Alphafundraising represent many supply companies for direct sell, in hand sales as well as for brochure take order programs and donation systems. You can depend on us to help with your project. We are available to assist you from the beginning to end with advise that will help lead you to a good project start and support your decisions with tips and "how-to" knowledge that has been gained by years of experience.

5. Fundraiser-Finder.com: Looking for the best fundraising idea for your next fund-raiser? With 80 categories and over 1500 links, Fundraiser Finder offers more fundraising ideas than anyone.

6. Fundraising Companies Directory: The 1200+ independent fund-raising companies in our directory can provide traditional, unique, and even bizarre fundraising products and ideas for your next fundraiser. You can quickly review the top U.S. and Canadian fundraising companies offering a wide variety of popular fundraiser products and services. We try to make your fundraising efforts a little easier by providing a wide variety of fund-raising ideas. One of them may be perfect for your next fund-raiser. Fundraising Companies Directory

7. HHC Grace & Company: HHC Grace & Company believes that successful fund raisers benefit the individuals involved as well as the organization receiving funds. We feel passionate that all people, young and not-so-young, involved in quality, ethical fund raisers learn life-long skills and develop a strong sense of efficacy. We are committed to make the fund raising experience as simple, easy and successful as possible for everyone involved.

8. All American Speakers: provides you access to the most comprehensive roster of celebrities, motivational speakers, sports speakers and celebrity entertainers in the world. Our celebrity speakers, experts and famous personalities bring the most entertaining, inspirational, motivational and informative stories to audiences worldwide.

9. 4D Memories: Your school or organization can earn UP TO 30% on all sales. Like the product, this fundraiser requires little effort on your part.

10. Cady Fundraising Services: A full service fund-raising company serving the entire 48 contiguous states since 1986. Our family owned business has corporate offices located in Lake City, Florida with over 25 distribution centers and points located all across the country. Our family members combine over 50 years of experience in the fundraising industry and we would love the opportunity to work with you on your school fundraising or group/organization fundraising. Our motto is "Fundraising is not just our business, it's our PASSION!"

11. Eternal Light: Eternal Light provides a large selection of transfer printed t-shirts with Christian themes. Please visit our wholesale page for information on how to become a wholesale customer.

12. Fear God Christian T-Shirts: Fear God is a very distinct line of scripturally based Christian T-Shirts that were designed to start conversations. These shirts are bold and uncompromising, and they can make a powerful witnessing tool.

13. Fun Attic Fundraisers: Many of our products adapt very well to the special needs of handicapped participants.
Take a look in our attic to see the cutting edge of active fun for physical education programs, camps, recreation departments and backyard.

14. Fundraising for Small Groups: Struggling with fundraising for your nonprofit? Every month we offer how-to hands-on fundraising information to help you and your nonprofit group.

15. Fundraising Ideas & Products Center: Keep up with new fundraising ideas and trends with The Fundraising Hotline', our free monthly newsletter made available via e-mail through a variety of top fundraising websites.

16. The Fundraising Network: View our website for more details, our program won't be beat! Request a free information package including sample brochures to share with your organization.

17. Homeland Fundraising: Sports Schedule Magnets "Bumper Sticker" Sized Magnets Christian Symbol Magnets, Sports ball on fire design car magnets.

18. Fundraising Leads.com: Fundraising Leads.com is a truly unique fundraising website. Fundraising Leads makes the fundraising companies work for your fundraising business, and let you the customer decide what you would like to see. Fundraising Leads acts for a few pieces of information, and sets you up with a fundraising consultant that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. This saves you time in searching the web, as well as gets you a "REAL PERSON" to talk to about your fundraising needs.

19. Fundraiser Company.net: Fundraiser Company.net is the most comprehensive listing of fundraiser companies on the web today. Fundraiser Company gives you almost 300 categories of fundraising companies, and tells you a little bit about the company, letting you make the decision if it is worth your time to search.

20. eFundraising.net: eFundraising.net is a fundraising portal that offers all organizations needing a fundraising idea to find the best fundraiser for their specific fundraising needs. eFundraising is a new concept of looking for new fundraising ideas that are highly successful and highly popular. eFundraising brings together the technology of the net and brings fundraising to a whole new level.

21. Custom Fundraiser.com: Custom Fundraiser is exactly that; a fundraiser customized to your organization. We customize the products to your specific organization. If it is a christian group looking for a calendar with birthdays full of their church members, or a high-school wresting team selling t-shirts with their mascot and team name on them. We customize your fundraiser products to your fundraising needs.

22. Christian-Fundraisers.com: Christian Fundraisers are focused on fundraising for all church organizations. Church Fundraising is special and held in a high regard due to the fact that the only way a church or Christian group will thrive is directly tied to the success of the church fundraisers. Church fundraisers vary from products but keep the Christian focus. If your church needs money, visit Christian Fundraisers.

23. Brochure Fundraising.com: Fundraising Brochures for all types of organizations looking for a fundraiser that is not focused in one particular fundraising segment. Shows fundraising leaders exactly which particular fundraiser is best for their specific target fundraising goals. Offers over 50 fundraising catalogs so your fundraising group never has to do the same fundraiser twice.

24. State by State Tax Exempt Information: You need to be aware of your state's laws concerning tax exempt status for non profit groups. Each states laws vary by type of group as well as type of project chosen for sales. The above link is provided for your convenience and in no way should be considered as legal advise for your particular group or project.
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