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Romans 12:1-4-8 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.

Testimonies, Praise reports, news, special interest and field reports are being posted here in order to give others an idea of the different types of ministries that our chaplains are involved in. We receive many calls each year from chaplains who ask for advice on starting ministries. We hope that by posting these reports it may give others some ideas. Always remember everyone needs a kind word, or a helping hand, all we have to do is stop and look around us, there is need every where. Members please post your testimonies, news and field reports to fill out form, or by e-mail Thank you!

FEMA UPDATE: ABOUT THE NATIONWIDE EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM TEST NOVEMBER 9th: As we get close to the nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and all of our many partners are working together to spread the word to as many members of the public as possible -- so people know what to expect when the test takes place, and no one is caught off guard. Similar to local emergency alert system tests, during the nationwide test on November 9, an audio message will interrupt television and radio programming indicating: “This is a test.” The nationwide test will last approximately 30 seconds instead of 2-3 minutes, as originally announced. This change has been made to reduce the disruption to the American public, while still maintaining our ability to test the system’s nationwide capabilities. Thank you Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Jerry Smith reporting in from the Philippines: Greetings brethren and co-laborers of CFMI! It’s been some time since my last update, but things have been pretty busy for me here. After many weeks and long hours, I completed a free e-book, “Where Is The Beauty That We Should Desire Him?” a book focusing on the beauties of the Lord Jesus Christ and His work, as seen in Isaiah 53. It’s based on a series of messages I preached and my prayer is that God would use it to get us back to our “first love.” Please feel free to access it by the previous link and download. The Lord has also opened several doors for Creation-Ed Ministry to allow me to teach and evangelize in local universities and even a national teachers’ conference of about 500 in attendance. Finally, we started a non-denominational church, Our Lord’s Bible Church, within the “village” (subdivision) we live in, in order to minister to our neighbors. My heart’s desire is to begin a house church in neighboring subdivisions throughout the area and if God be pleased, the city. This I believe is the meaning of Acts 1:8, a ripple effect which makes its way to the “uttermost parts of the earth.” Thank you for your prayers and encouragement by way of your posts on the CFMI site; and a very special thanks to CFMI, which the Lord has used to allow me these wonderful opportunities to minister. Amen, praise God, and thank you. - Chaplain Jerry Smith, Philippines

Nationwide Emergency Alert Broadcast (from U-S Coast Guard Operations): Just so everyone is aware...on Wednesday, November 9, 2011, FEMA, DHS and FCC will conduct the first national test of the Nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test. This nationwide test will kick off at 1:00 p.m. (CST) and run concurrently across all time zones. This system test is the first of its kind designed to broadcast a nationwide message to the American public. In the history of the country, nothing like it has been conducted on such a level. As you may be aware, there have been tests in the past, but not of this magnitude encompassing all regions of the Nation simultaneously. The three (3) minute test will run concurrently on all radio and TV stations exceeding the previous messages broadcast which were anywhere from a 30 second to 1 minute message. There is great concern in local police and emergency management circles about undue public anxiety over this test. The test message on TV might not indicate that it is just a test. Fear is that the lack of an explanation regarding the message might create panic. Please share this information with your family and friends so they are aware of the test. Here are two websites that will provide more information regarding this test:   or  Please send this out to all of your friends and family? Hopefully the word will get out and minimize any confusion. Thank you, Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Henry Curtis reporting in from New York: These are some pictures of our CFMI display at Iron Sharpens Iron Conference 2011 and two of several chaplains who helped with our display. We just got the display the day before so we didn’t have much time to fine tune it. The chaplains are left to right: Sr Chp DeWayne Cummings, Chp David Scribran and myself. Iron Sharpens Iron is a Conference Network made up of individual ministries that are working interdependently to most effectively offer local church resources for men. They do this by mobilizing ministries to resource local churches with a first class one-day equipping conference that is designed for men (age 13 and older). Our combined ministries recruited about 40 men for this. The conference had 750 attendees from Western NY and Southern Ontario. Several attendees were attracted to our display. I am following up on the inquires hoping that they bear fruit for the ministry. to view photos. Chaplain Larry Wolf accepted the Men’s Ministry of the Year award as founding director for Sundoulos Inc. Sundoulos’ display was right next to ours. We have several chaplains as members in Sundoulos. to view photo. Thank you for your praise report. Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Walter Campbell reporting in from Georgia: I have been very busy serving the Lord serving others . I am serving now as the resident chaplain in 4 Nursing Homes assisting the residents and staff members. I visit 5 or more day's a week. Also serving as a chemical dependency coach. Working also with the Russell County Alabama Crisis Center serving as a Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Advocate and Hospice. Serving in these fields strengthens my testimony in regards to how much the Lord blesses my life every moment of every day. Those I serve as God's tool keeps me spiritually lifted. I have found that the medical ministry is a very spiritually rewarding field. Not only do I strive to lift the spirit of others, they in turn do the same for me on a daily basis. What a remarkable calling the Lord has bestowed on me. The aged love to share their wisdom. I must admit that this was not on the top of my list as a field of choice. But the Lord called me to this service and I am truly grateful. Thankfully God knows me better than I know myself. Thank you for your praise report. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Terry Wildman reporting in from Missouri: Greetings, I have been asked to be on the committee for the spiritual and emotional care for emergency management in the state of Missouri it is a new program for clergymen, it is to form the guidelines for the chaplains that response to emergencies and disasters.
I have been in touch with several of the counties emergency managers they are excited about our training and combining it with their training. With God in control it is off to a good start. God Bless DDC Terry Wildman.
Thank you for your praise report. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Gary Montgomery reporting in from Florida: Again, I want to thank Chaplain Fellowship Ministries for the awesome gift allowing us to replace our stolen a/c unit this summer. Since then God has been showing up and out as we minister in the State prisons and community. Our Ministry Living Stones International is a Christian Family Outreach Ministry. Our focus is on Responsible Fatherhood and Transforming Prison Ministry. Recently, we presented a crusade called the “Transformers” at Wakulla Correctional Institution in Crawfordville. Over four days 1,441 men attended 10 services with 50 men accepting Christ as Savior, 200 men rededicating their life and 28 men received water baptism. Also, we minister on various Saturdays and Sundays at area state prisons such as Northwest Florida Reception Center in Chipley, FL. This past Saturday we ministered to 190 inmates which was the largest attendance in the Chapel history. We thank God for using us mighty throwing life line to men with the God news of the Gospel. In addition, last December a bank donated a house that has been vacant for several years and in disrepair. God called my wife and me to live in this low income, drug infested, high crime neighborhood so we can reach out to the lost and hurting by letting God’s light shine on the residents. We have yet to start renovations due to cost and waiting on the Lord. Moving into this property once completed will eliminate our rental payment and those funds be used for Ministry. Also, we started a Teen Dad program to reach out to young fathers in the juvenile justice system by providing parenting and life skills. The Lord is moving in a mighty way. Thank you for your praise report. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Chris Rouse reporting in from Pennsylvania: I attended a small event today and my name was on the list as invited. Vice President Joe Biden was there. The secret service was checking everyone. I presented my Chaplain ID badge and to my surprise, they let me through whiteout the search! It looks as if Chaplain Fellowship holds a lot of weight with the government!! Blessings Chaplain Rouse. Thank you for reporting in, Chaplain Gibson

Texas Chaplain's Resource Memo: Free Crisis Counseling Can Help Texas Wildfire Survivors Cope: Texans who survived the recent wildfires -- or saw neighbors or family experience loss -- can be experiencing post-disaster stress that is as real as the destruction itself. Because of this, free crisis counseling is available to Texans in the 23 counties designated for Individual Assistance under the major disaster declaration. The program, funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and administered by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), is open to any child or adult who is experiencing disaster-related stress. “FEMA funds this program after major disasters because counseling can help people understand that their emotional reactions to the disaster, such as grief, frustration, anger and fear, are normal,” said Federal Coordinating Officer Kevin L. Hannes of FEMA. “We know that the right support and coping skills can help most survivors pick up the pieces and go on with their lives.” Trained counselors are provided by the network of state Community Mental Health Centers. Calls to the crisis lines are free of charge, as are face-to-face follow-up sessions for adults and children whose needs cannot be fully served through phone counseling. for full details.

Update on 2011 CFMI Conference: The 2011 conference was one of the best conferences we have ever had. We want to thank the following speakers for an outstanding job. Chaplain David Fair gave a presentation on disaster response. Chaplain Skip Straus gave a presentation on death notifications. Chaplain Larry Todd gave a presentation on Funeral Rituals and grief. Chaplain Steve Neatherlin gave a presentation on Faith based alcohol and drug rehab. Chaplain Milton Rosario gave a presentation on 911 from an officers stand point who was there at the time. Chaplain Milton Rosario is a retired NYPD detective. Chaplain Kymber Baker and Chaplain George Vander Linden received the Presidential call to service award. Chaplain Milton Rosario was promoted to Master Chaplain. Chaplain George Vander Linden was promoted to Senior Chaplain. Chaplain Kymber Baker and Chaplain George Vander Linden received honorary Doctor of Divinity Degrees with an Emphasis: In Chaplaincy Studies. Chaplain James Manning accepted the position of director for the state of Georgia. Chaplain Manning is a retired federal agent with Homeland Security. The board of elders meet and established the Requirements for becoming a Senior or Master chaplain which is now outlined on the applications for such. There were nine members who received their formal ordination. We want to thank Chaplain Henry Curtis and Chaplain Charles Popovich from New York for performed the ordination ceremony, as always they did a wonderful job and blessed everyone. We will be posting photos at a later date as they come in from several members. Everyone had a good time and we are already planing next year's conference. to view photos. Thank you
Dr. Sonny Fox's Motorsports Parable's Videos: If you have not seen Chaplain Sonny Fox's videos yet you are missing out. Dr. Fox talks about how motorsports parables can be used to help teach us about something in the Bible. His videos are very interesting and you will find a whole different way of learning. Chaplain Fox has been on the Christian Car Guys radio program several times and is a very popular guest. If you get a chance stop by his site and check them out for yourself. Just . He uploads a new video every week. I have watched all of his videos and enjoy them a lot.I visit his site every week wondering what he will come up with next. Thank you! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain's Death Notification: Chaplain Edward Swain of Buffalo NY died suddenly on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. Chaplain Ed Swain joined CFMI on June 24, 2009 well experienced in street and prison ministry. He had also served as a police chaplain and was received hands on training as a trauma chaplain in the county hospital. He was employed as a social worker for Aspire of WNY formerly known as the United Cerebral Palsy Association. Edward's heart for evangelism was very well known. He shared the gospel with boldness without being obnoxious and he led many to Christ with his positive attitude, a thorough knowledge of the Word and an indisputable love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Chaplain Henry Curtis/CFMI New York. Visit the Member's End of Tour of Duty Page! Chaplain Swain was a good man and a wonderful chaplain serving in the field where his gifts counted most. Countless lives were touched by chaplain Swain for the glory of our Lords' kingdom. Chaplain Edward Swain served with honor and will never be forgotten. Respectfully Chaplain Donald J. Gibson,
CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to the following members. The following Chaplain are the first to be certified in the new disaster Response Certification program. Chaplain John Butler- North Carolina, Chaplain David Fair- Texas, Chaplain James "Skip" Straus- Texas, Chaplain Denis Feely- Florida. The purpose of this training and certification is to prepair chaplains to assist their own communities in time of crisis or diaster. Every day volunteers respond to numerous disasters or emergencies in their communities. Most often, these incidents are managed effectively at the local level. However, there are some incidents that may require a collaborative approach that includes personnel from: 1. Multiple jurisdictions, 2. A combination of specialties or disciplines, 3. Several levels of government, 4. Non-governmental organizations, and 5. The private sector. This certification is only offered to CFMI members in good standing. If you are a member who are interested in this certification for full details. Thank you Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS: Chaplain David "Cody" Franz from Texas: Appointment as Chaplain for the Medina County Sheriff's Office. Praise report! As of yesterday, 4 September 2011 the Sheriff of Medina County, Texas, Randy Brown, has appointed me to Chaplain of the Medina County Sheriff's Office! It will be a volunteer position. God has orchestrated these events and through obedience to Him and assisting, coordinating, and singing for the jail ministry. CFM is directly responsible for this appointment because of the credibility of CFM. I am currently taking the Prison Ministry course and with the valuable information and templates, I will be implementing several programs at the Jail. Be Blessed and thank you for "listening to His call so many years ago to provide this validation of Ministry and Ordination. May God bless you and CFM and all the CFM family! Thank you for your Praise Report. Chaplain Donald Gibson

Chaplain's Death Notification: It is with heavy hearts we are reporting the loss of another brother Chaplain. Chaplain Francisco Lopez 57 from Florida has pass away recently of a massive heart attack. Chaplain Lopez was a good man who had a wonderful heart for helping others in crisis in their lives. CFMI has made a humble donation on behalf of the ministry and members. Chaplain Gibson has contacted Chief Chaplain James Pagan -Rodriguez in Florida and requested he perform the funeral services for the family, which he has agreed to do. Chaplain Lopez was a disabled veteran who did not have any insurance. The family has asked that in lure of flowers if anyone would like to help the family with the funeral expenses it would be a tremendous and wonderful blessing. All those who would like to help the family with funeral cost can send your donations to Vivian Rivera 1089 Golfview Estates Drive. Orange Florida, 32763. Please keep Chaplain Lopez's family in your prayers. Visit the Member's End of Tour of Duty Page! Respectfully Chaplain Gibson
Disaster Response Certification: Chaplain Fellowship only offers this certification to CFMI members in good standing. All requirements must be meet before certification will be issued. Disaster Response Chaplains are First Responders in their own right. There are no short cuts for Disaster Response, proper training means everything in times of disaster and crisis. For full details on certification Thank you Chaplain Gibson

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE: Greetings everyone, all chaplains who will be attending the conference and flying in please contact the home office. We need the date, time and flight number of your arrival and departure to arrange transportation for you. Please get this information in as soon as possible. You email your information or call the home office and give the information to Tracy (254) 774-9363. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year and know we will all have a good. Conference Information Thank you for your time! CH Don Gibson
Chaplain Dave Fair checking in: I'll be in Bastrop Thursday through Saturday with Guardian EMS as chaplain. Our CISM Team is in standby for the fires for State Disaster Mental Health Services. I'll keep you posted. Appreciate the prayers. Blessings Dave. Thank you, Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Skip Straus: Thank you for your continued prayers for rain. There are several large fires in the State of Texas. Please pray for all the people affected and for our firefighters. Four of the departments we serve are actively involved in fighting these fires... one of which, Needham Fire & Rescue, told me yesterday that they have an Engine company working the Montgomery County fires and they also have a Booster truck working the Bastrop fires. Sadly, four people have already been confirmed dead. This from Texas Forest Service as of yesterday afternoon: Thank you! CH Don Gibson
Chaplain Larry Todd: All of us need to be extra vigilant. Be aware of situation and security conscious. TXSG uniforma are an obvious target of some angry person or terrorist. We also represent all troops in uniform so need to behave to the highest standard. After the events in Nevada at IHop and of course because the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. I am in prayer for those shot in IHOP and troops all around the world. I think also of our own troops in OBS some deployed for many months away from home. Note: from CH Gibson, There will be many 9-11 ceremonies taking place the next few weeks. Please be careful and be aware of everything and everyone around you. Anyone wearing a uniform may become a target. Thank you for your time! CH Gibson
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE: Greetings everyone, all chaplains who will be attending the conference and flying in please contact the home office. We need the date, time and flight number of your arrival and departure to arrange transportation for you. Please get this information in as soon as possible. You email your information or call the home office and give the information to Tracy (254) 774-9363. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year and know we will all have a good. Conference Information Thank you for your time! CH Don Gibson
Chaplain Henery Curtis checking in from CFMI New York: We are very proud of Elder Larry Wolf, CFMI-NY Chaplain and Founding Director of Sundoulos, Inc. who is scheduled to receive the prestigious Lion of Judah Award. Larry and CH Dave Dissette have been faithfully conducting discipleship training every Monday at Wende Prison for many years. Thank you Master Chief Curtis for your report! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain John Butler from North carolina checking in: I've been doing damge assesment since last sunday morning after hurricane Irene hit us. Just finished up yesterday with 1,093 assesments in lenoir county alone and with over 120 homes destroyed and over 150 with major damage. our infastructure of power was knocked out for many days. It wipped kinston, NC out. never seen so many trees and power poles and lines down. It was like a maze just getting to the Red Cross chapter were I was asked by emergency management and tthe red cross to take the lead as assesment supervisor for our county. I finally got to get up on my own roof today and repair shingles and one corner that was destroyed. Hurricane Irene just pelled the shungles off like they were nothing. It was a catergory 1 storm, but it took it time and slowly pounded us from friday night, all through last saturday, leaving a path of destruction all the way up the coast line. I was also offered a job by the red cross and had to turn it down. Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson
FIRST RESPONDER CHAPLAINS: First Responders serve a critical role in emergency operations whether preserving lives, protecting property or providing other essential services. It is vital that we all take the steps necessary to prepare and plan. By ensuring to properly outlined how support staff and responders ensure hat their families are safe and protected, full attention, without distractions, can be turned to the lifesaving missions that support the community. Click on the link below to find a Ready Responder toolkit (PDF) that provides the resources, templates and information that can help you and your agencies develop their own organizational preparedness plan, discuss procedures and decisions that could hinder response, and most importantly develop a culture of preparedness among their members. Get more information also please see Master Chief Dave Fair's Video on Disasters Can Change Everything. Thank you Chaplain Gibson

CHAPLAIN'S MEMO: Prison officials to christen seminary for inmates: They finally figured it out: the once-troubled, maximum-security Darrington prison south of Houston will get a new focus that state officials hope could someday make Texas' state prison system less violent: God. In an afternoon convocation at the 1,900-convict prison, officials will inaugurate Texas' first seminary operated within a prison. The program will initially enroll 40 convicts who could eventually earn a biblical studies degree so they can minister to felons at other state prisons. This "program has the potential to help these men change their thought patterns, which in turn can change their lives and the lives of everyone around them," said Brad Livingston, executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which operates the state's corrections system. Read the rest of the story Thank you Chaplain Gibson

FROM HOMEOFFICE: Everyone on the east coast and those responding on the east coast please be careful. Everyone else please keep our brother and sister chaplains on the east coast in your prayers as they respond where they are needed. Bless everyone! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Paul Ehrhart checking in from Washington: Today was a very special trip to Coyote Ridge Correctional Center in Connell,Washington. It was a Celebration event when the families and the inmates got to come together for a special time for visiting with friends and family for a BBQ. I was blessed to be there as a Chaplain Photographer and take family photos for the inmates and there families one for the inmate and one to go home with the children and parents of the men. I was able to witness the love and compassion these men have for their families and what a privilege to have been there and see the love these men have in their hearts for Jesus Christ. These are the same men we are doing Celebrate Recovery with weekly through our prison ministry. At the end of the celebration I was asked to come back tomorrow for yet another group of men.Praise God I am so Blessed. Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson and Chaplain Francis
Chief Chaplain Skip Straus checking in from Texas: Chaplain Pat made 4 station visits and presented an overview of EM (he’s KTEM – that’s our acronym for “Keep Talking Emergency Ministries”) to two churches! Chaplains Scott and John both attended a three-day training and got certified in Individual and Group Crisis Intervention! Chaplain Skip was invited by the instructor of that CISM class to stop by and tell a little bit about EM. It was cool seeing three of our Chaplains in one place! You might recall that Chaplain Skip did a debriefing in South Texas back in July. Well, guess what? Two of the medics that were in that debriefing were also in that class! · Chaplain Skip handled 42 contacts in the last 7 days, including a late evening response to the home of a firefighter family, whose mother/wife had just been placed in hospice care. Chaplain Scott made a call out to assist that family when she passed away two nights later, as Chaplain Skip was with one of our agencies in Dallas. Chaplain Skip officiated at her funeral on Monday. We are up to 107 contacts for the month of August, as of today. We are up to 1354 contacts for the year. Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson
Memo to all members- from the home office: Greetings everyone. We have received a number of phone calls this year from members regarding web sites using our ministry name for selling products, some are offering ordination and membership for their ministries. Please know that they are not in any way related to Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. All ministries that are Affiliated with or Associated with Chaplain Fellowship Ministries must have one of the following statement on their main web page, if they do not have one of these statements we have nothing to do with them. We have a lot of copycat ministries who have cropped up all over the internet using our name to draw traffic to their web sites. Again they must have one of the following statements at the bottom of their main web page!

1. Ministry Name is an official Affiliate Subordinate Ministry of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc. legally operating under the group exemption of United New Testament Church, a legally incorporated 501 (c) 3 Federal Tax Exempt Nonprofit Public Charity. In compliance with IRS rules and regulations we have posted the required documentation for public inspection. .

2. The Ministry Name is an official associate Ministry of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc.

Please keep Chaplain Fellowship and all our brothers and sisters in prayer and we all will be just fine. This is one of those situations we learned a log time ago that is out of our control, we have to put in the Lords' hands and He will deal with it in His own way. Ministry has never been competition in our eyes, it has always been a calling and always will be. Bless everyone and thank you for your prayers and your time! Chaplain Gibson

Master Chaplain Jeff Russell checking in from PA: It's amazing how God's timing works. In 2009 I left my position as the facility chaplain for the Philadelphia Prison System and was called here to Selinsgrove, Pa. to pastor a church in transition. That was quite an experience. No sooner had I filled the pulpit that shortly after was added to this calling was to serve in the local county jail systems of Snyder and Northumberland Counties. Well, I guess its part of my spiritual DNA because by no effort on my part the administration for the NCJ asked me to take over the operations for the Chaplains Office. I also am watching as an aftercare program that I felt led to start is blossoming. Praise be to God. He is good and greatly to be praised. Bless you and Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson and Chaplain Francis
Chaplain Gary Montgomery from Florida checking in: Dear CH,We want to thank everyone for your prayers, phone calls, and gifts. You have inspired JC and I to continue to press towards the mark with faith and trust this testimony will bless everyone who reads it. Know that God is no respecter of persons--what He does for one, He will do for another! What the devil intended for evil, God turns around for good. God says, "Watch me work!" Our testimony is the vandalized air conditioning unit was replaced with a bigger and better model. Look at God. The e-mail generated a huge response. Scott Beigle owner of Faith Radio invited me to discuss our situation last Friday morning. As our testimony went out over the airwaves, we received a call from Jim Perry owner of Air Control to see how he could help. Help he did--within a few hours Air Control had provided and installed a used replacement unit. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries in Texas sowed the faith seed to pay for the unit. Other donors gave additional gifts which paid for a security chain link fence around the unit. Also, a reporter from WCTV called to do a news report, showed up while the unit was being installed, and our testimony went over the television air waves. Look at God. Jesus states in John 14:14; "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it". We asked in His name and He did it! The key is you must believe without doubt that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out a mighty blessing on you. Chaplain Gary Montgomery. Bless you and Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson and Chaplain Francis

Master Chief Curtis checking in from New York: Rhonda Barnett, Secretary/Webmaster of the Parkland Cycle Servants, CMA #620 Park Hills, Missouri emailed a Contact Us form to our chapter requesting hospital visitation and prayer for a patient who ended up making international news. I was available to respond to the hospital just five minutes from my home. The patient was Lindsey Burgess a miracle survivor of a fall into the "Devil's Hole" in Niagara River. According the News, "Lindsey and her fiancé, Rich Wagoner went on vacation this week to Niagara Falls after her mom's wedding in Detroit, Mich. While the two were hiking at Whirlpool State Park they came across the Niagara River and Burgess wanted to touch the swirling river to see what it felt like. When she reached in the river she stepped on a wet rock, which was slick. She lost her balance and fell in the river. Wagoner said "the current in the river was strong and fast and swept her downstream quickly. He was able to get the attention of the Whirlpool Jet boat crew and they chased her downstream. They threw a life preserver to her as she was bobbing in and out of the water but she finally went under water. The crew finally caught up to her and luckily there were some EMTs as passengers who were able to pull her onto the boat and immediately began giving her CPR". According to the Niagara Gazette website "she was flown to Erie County Medical Center by Mercy Flight for treatment after she was resuscitated. Wagoner said she was in ICU and on life support until about 10 p.m. Monday. The doctors performed tests to make sure she was OK before removing the life support. When all the tests came back normal, they started taking her off the device. Tuesday she was moved out of ICU to a regular room and was up talking and making jokes. However she complained of a sore throat from the tubing and was tired. Wagoner said officials told him there are accidents there a couple times a year and they haven't pulled anyone out alive yet. They said because she runs three miles a day and because they were able to get to her so fast probably saved her." When I visited her she was in the regular room, able to talk with me. Her Mother and husband came in about the time I was finished with my visit. I prayed with them and I told her that God had obviously great plans for her life. I was blessed to be able to respond to her friend's request for assistance and to be able represent CMA with prayer and concern. I followed up with a call to Rhonda Barnett who reports that Lindsey received international attention from this incident and in her interviews she quoted what I had prayed about God having plans for her life. God is good! Master Chief Henry W Curtis III. Thank you for your report! bless you and all the members of CFMI New York ! Chaplain Gibson and Chaplain Francis

Chaplain Skip Straus checkinmg in from Texas: It has been a hectic 5 days for the ministry. If you don’t already know, I have been recovering from a tough bout with ‘double’ pneumonia and am finally at a point where the coughing is minimal... still need your prayers, please. Last week, I was notified that the wife of an EMT we serve was in ICU with a grim prognosis. I am saddened to report that she was taken off of life support Saturday. Chaplain Skip attended the viewing in Silsbee, TX last night and the funeral and graveside service this morning. Thursday night, we learned that a young paramedic (with the same EMS agency as above) had been found at home deceased. On Friday, Chaplain Skip went to the offices of the agency (also in Silsbee, TX) and assisted in helping the young paramedic’s co-workers with the loss. Saturday, we continued assisting co-workers via phone and, on a positive note, Chaplain Skip went to Beaumont and officiated the wedding of two paramedics (both with the same EMS agency as above)! Sunday, he drove home and went directly to the EM offices in Old Town Spring. We had a Chaplain’s training session for one hour, followed by the quarterly meeting of the EM Board of Directors. Monday, Chaplain Skip drove back to Silsbee for the funeral of the young paramedic... and then rode in a very long procession to the burial site (82 miles away!) and returned to the agency’s station to meet with more of the employees. He left there and went back to the funeral home for the viewing of the EMT’s wife. We were also notified that a veteran paramedic (in the Houston area) has been placed in hospice care and the ministry has been asked to assist in arrangements for the medic. We also assisted another paramedic who was having marital problems. And, as if the day wasn’t already intense, we received a call from one of our agencies in San Jacinto county from a paramedic who not only worked a fatality accident, but he and his partner witnessed the crash. Please keep Skip in your prayers. Wonderful blessed work being done through Emergency Ministries! Thank you for your report! bless you! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Chaplain Patterson checking in from Tennessee: Greeting Chaplain Gibson, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be a part of the Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International. I have purchased several of the lapel pins (and several other items) from the accessories store and they have been incredible conversation starters as total strangers come up to me and ask what my pin represents. I have also established a wedding ministry that has given me the opportunity to witness to numerous couples who are not currently involved with church. Dr. Fred W. Patterson. Thank you for your report! bless you! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Chaplain Eva M. Caraballo checking in from Honolulu Hawaii:  Aloha! from Chaplain Eva M. Caraballo in Honolulu Hawaii.I would like to begin by saying thank you I received my certificate in the mail today for the completion of the Prison and Jail Ministry Course. Pray for me as I begin to do His work in that particular arena. Please pray for me as well as I seek to reach the homeless here in Hawaii, so, so, many Homeless the city counts thousands living in tents, single people as well as families. children of all ages right here smack dab in the middle of the Honolulu tourist section of Hawaii. My heart breaks as I see all age children living in such conditions in such a beautiful place. This is an area in ministry that has always had my heart in a very deep way being that over twenty years ago I found myself homeless as well.So I know very well what it is like and all it entails. I'm very excited and thrilled as to God's next move. My transition here has been smooth sailing so far as I see God's hand in not only my life yet in the lives of my family as well. He has been faithful opening all the right doors for us as we begin to settle into our new home in Shoffield Barracks where my oldest Son is stationed. Hugs from me & my family to all of you & yours Aloha! In His Service, Chaplain Eva M. Caraballo. Thank you for your report! Bless you and your family! It seems like just yesterday you were here in Texas with us at the conference. Congratulations on completing the Prison ministry course. Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Master Chief Curtis checking in from New York on behalf of CH Mack of CFMI New York: My Dear Chaplain Curtis, I am VERY excited to tell you that things went well at the Office of the CITY Clerk today. (I couldn't go yesterday as planned. I am now registered and licensed in the city of New York - thanks to our God, you, Chaplain Jones, and CFMI. I'm ecstatic and awed at this honor and privilege. I'm also humbled before my God as this is indeed a great responsibility before Him, not to be taken lightly. God bless you, my friend! In Jesus Christ, Chaplain Mack Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Update from the Home Office on concerns regarding ID equipment: There have been some members who have expressed concerns regarding the ID equipment CFMI uses regarding what happens if the equipment breaks down. To assure our members always have the proper credential without any interuptions we made the decision this week to purchase a second ID machine. This was a decision not made without a great deal of prayer and thought as these machines cost forty five hundred dollar each. The ID Machine has been purchased and is now in our office. This gives everyone in the office and we hope our members a little peace of mind as to what would happen if the ID Machine breaks down, it was the right dsecision without a doubt. Bless everyone and keep up the wonderful work you are all doing. Stay safe and take care! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Chaplain James (J.D.) Nolin reporting in from Florida: Chaplain James ( J.D.) Nolin of the Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers reporting in from Florida , after serving over 30 years as a law enforcement officer myself before being called into the ministry, I know all to well the dangers both physical and spiritual that law enforcement officers face every day. I know that true officer survival is more than just a gun and bullet proof vest, it is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I feel God has called me to bring and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those in law enforcement and their families. To carry out this calling we provide Free bibles to Law Enforcement Officers A Memorial bible to the family of any officer that is killed in the line of duty A 24 hour,7 days a week, on-line bible study for officers. A web site where officers can pose a biblical question, share a praise report ,or make a prayer request. Encouragement, comfort and aid to Law Enforcement Officers or their families in times of crisis. Speaking engagements anywhere the perspectives and expertise of Christian Law Enforcement Officers could be of benefit. The first six months of this year 2011 we have provided over 250 free bibles to officers which made a request through our web site at , Also within the first half of this year we have had 90 officers killed in the line of duty or to die from a duty related injury and we have provided a memorial bible to every family of each fallen officers. We also provided a memorial bible to each of the fallen officer’s agency chief administer ie: Chief , Sheriff, or Superintendent. Within the first half of 2011 we have had many officers take the opportunity to use our on-line bible study. We have also had numerous prayer requests, and praise reports. I also had hospital visitation with several local officers and their family members, within these visitations, I had the honor of leading four officers through the plan of salvation all four officers excepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior !! The first half of this year, I have had the opportunity to speak at three churches and to share what great things God is doing within the law enforcement community. I also had the honor of officiating two weddings for Christian law enforcement officers. May God Bless you all and kept you safe. Chaplain J.D. Nolin. Thank you for your report! bless you! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Chaplain Gretchen Jacobs reporting in from Arizona: I use my CFMI Chaplain’s status to provide counseling (as a licensed and ordained Chaplain with a MA and a MS in Christian Counseling) in my community. When I first started this service in 2010 (as a second career after retirement) I did not charge in order to meet the needs of the clients and to see if my ministry bore fruit. God blessed me and I was asked to become the counselor for my church in the beginning of 2011, with the agreement that they would provide office support and space and I should charge a fee and keep that as my salary. That system worked for a few months but I decided to convert a room in my home to a professional office with a separate entrance and see most clients from the church and the community there. This has worked out beautifully and my schedule is full. I also provided a workshop on Forgiveness at the church, and am leading my second grief group in a local funeral home. My counseling ministry would not have been possible without the credibility my Chaplain’s license provides. Thank you for opening up the doors to serve Our Father. Thank you and bless you! CH Donald Gibson, CH Bruce Francis
Chaplain Skip Straus reporting in from Texas: I Hope you are enjoying the holiday! I had been asked to officiate the wedding of two of our Acadian paramedics over in San Antonio this past Saturday, July 2nd. So, Cindy and I decided we would make “a weekend of it” and we got a hotel on the Riverwalk for Friday and Saturday, with plans to return early Sunday. We also had a dedication of a new fire station going on Saturday for the Spring Fire Department. So, two of our Chaplains, Pat Pechacek and Scott Powers, attended that to represent Emergency Ministries. GOD, though, had other plans for the weekend and for Cindy and I. We left for San Antonio Friday (when Cindy got home from work) and got there around 9:30 that night. We got to enjoy a stroll on the Riverwalk and to see the Alamo at night (which is always an awesome experience). At about ten the next morning, I got a call-out... The supervisor with an EMS agency in south Texas called (they had been referred to us by Uvalde EMS Director and future EM Board Member, Stephen Stephens). They were asking for critical incident debriefing for their agency (along with four other agencies who were involved) in reference to a multiple-fatality crash that occurred on Friday evening, the 1st. A mother and her four young children were killed after the car they were in was involved in a crash with an eighteen-wheeler. We made multiple calls to set up the CISD for Sunday afternoon. We were able to get a Texas State Guard Chaplain from a neighboring town to assist (thanks, Chaplain Joe!). We officiated the wedding Saturday night, as planned, and got back to the hotel around midnight. At 1:50AM, I was called out by Acadian for a medic who had just worked a motorcycle crash, involving a fatality. There were several follow-up calls on this incident, too. So, after about 2.5 hours of sleep, it was off to South Texas.At the small town, we ended up having a dozen personnel from the EMS agency, the local volunteer fire department, two Sheriff deputies and Texas DPS attend the debriefing. I will not go into details, as the scene was too gruesome to describe in this venue. After the debriefing, we left that small town and went back to the town of Uvalde and Uvalde EMS, as two of the medics there had responded to the same scene as volunteer firefighters (and had been part of the crew that extricated four of the five human remains). Cindy and I finally got home at 10 PM last night. Not much of a vacation for her. Cindy, I love you for understanding and supporting what I do. Therefore, just in the first 3.5 days of the month: I have driven 663 miles, performed a wedding, made 53 contacts and put in 81 hours. In addition, 2 of our Chaplains put in an additional 8 hours to perform the dedication of the new Spring Fire Station 71. Thank you and bless you and your family! CH Donald Gibson, CH Bruce Francis

CFMI 2011 CONFERENCE: The conference will be held in Temple Texas again this year. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year in Temple Texas. Sign in begins at 8:am on the morning of the 6th. There will be awards presentations between 9:am and 10:am. There will be five training presentations this year. Formal ordination ceremonies will be held in the conference room on the morning of the 7th. Chaplain Curtis, Chaplain John Gordon,and Chaplain Charles Popovich from New York will be performing the ceremony again this year. All members are welcome to join in! for details and reservation information.
Chaplain Fellowship Home Office - -Thank You!: We would like to thank all our members and friends who over the years through their prayers, love, and faithful support has made it possible to reach out to many senior citizens, military families and poor families in our communities nationwide with groceries, utility bills, medication and rent payments. Thank you for helping provide members with the training they needed to be able to serve in their communities. Always remember! Matthew 25:21 - His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. Thank you and bless you and your family! CH Donald Gibson, CH Bruce Francis
Chaplain Paul H Ehrhart reporting in from Washington: This year has started off great with my acceptance to Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Connell Washington in the Celebrate Recovery division in both security's. I now also belong to the Christian Motorcycle Association delivering Gods word through the ministry of Motorcycling. I am an active member in the Bikers for Christ, Rugged Cross, Cycles for Christ, All of which minister to individuals in and out of prison. This has been a vary rewarding part in my life as I feel God Is really working through me my ministry. My wife and I look forward to a busy year in ministry with Gods love and help, we will serve unconditionally. Thank You CFMI for your support and training to give the tools i needed. Also I have been praying for a young lady who's gastric bypass has gone backwards. She is in Seattle and couldn't get help and was down to 78 lbs.. Today I was able to get her into the University of Washington for an appointment with Gods help. She will be admitted to Barartic Surgery Center for evaluation. She will be seen by the head of Barartic surgery. Please pray for gods will to be done. and total healing. Thank you for your report! bless you and your family! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis

Congratulations Chaplain David Fair from Texas: Emergency Operation Center Dedicated. Brownwood emergency responders and city officials came together on Wednesday, June 1st to officially dedicate the Dave Fair Emergency Operation Center to honor long time city councilman and Brownwood Police Chaplain Dave Fair. After the dedication, Fair expressed his appreciation. “I thank all the people who work in emergency management. This is their deal and it’s a worthy cause,” stated Fair. Fair told a brief story during the dedication about a chaplain he knows in the city of Joplin, Missouri, which was recently damaged by a huge tornado. Fair used the story as a reminder to those in attendance of the importance of having a plan and making sure it works before a disaster strikes. “Nothing is going to protect from a storm like that, but it is important that we have a plan and that we work the plan,” stated Fair. “It’s nice to know that we have this and the trailers (Brownwood/Brown County Health Department’s Emergency Response trailer, the Emergency Management Trailer-headquarters equipped with communications devices, and the Salvation Army trailer-for getting necessities of food and water to those in need). This means a lot to me.” Congratulations brother Fair, Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis

Chaplain Dan Ferguson reporting in from Texas: As of last week I sign my application with the Texas State Guard and will be probably serve as a chaplain with the Medical Brigade. Our Lord has found me a new ministry. I still serve as a field chaplain for the Boy Scouts. I will be stationed out of Camp Mabery is Austin Texas. CFMI has been a great blessing in my life. Take care and God bless, Chaplain Dan Ferguson. Thank you for checking in! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Chaplain Charles Azbell reporting in from Rochester Indiana: I would like to send a note of thanks to Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, You have given me the tools that I needed to do Gods work in northern Indiana. With Gods help and guidance I have been able to spread Gods word in two local hospitals and have been able to set with the sick and the family's of the sick , With the use of the Bible and the strength that comes from God , I have been able to lead them to the words that God has put forth for us and lead them through the salvation that is give to us with the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross,I have spent the last four years with the Hospice Care in northern Indiana, I have been on call 24 hr a day for the Hospice Care and have been called to the bed side of people that are in there last hours, God has given me the strength and wisdom to do these things with a lot of prayer and Gods help, None of this would have been possible if I had not got the support from Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. I would like to send a great thanks to the whole organization for the support that is provide to all the Chaplains in the field. Thank you for checking in! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis
Chaplain Denis J. Gray reporting in from Sherman, Texas: I became a Chaplain Feb 2011 with CFMI and with prayer , doors are being OPENED. I did not doubt they would! I am making first trip into Texas Prison this Sat 5-28, joined ministry of Grayson County Jail through jail Chaplain there and offered my services to Air Chapel at Grayson County Airport through Chaplain Terry Dyer there as well. Have performed one wedding as a Chaplain already and expect many more in years ahead. I hope to be able to add Chaplains to (CFMI). Keep us in your prayers, I look forward to meet you in future at CFMI annuals in Temple. By the way, I have relatives in Temple. It is a good town. Thanks, I will keep in touch with Chaplain news for all .. Sincerely, Chaplain Denis J. Gray Sherman, Tex. Thank you for your report! bless you and your family! Chaplain Gibson, Chaplain Francis

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