America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service

Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International has been an official certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award since 2003. On behalf of President George W. Bush and the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, Chaplain Fellowship Ministries has presented over 150 US citizens with the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. Now more than ever, volunteers are renewing their commitment to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, as neighbors, as communities, and as a Nation.

President George W. Bush issued a challenge to all Americans to make time to help their neighbors, communities, and Nation through service. He called on each person to dedicate at least 4,000 hours – or two years – to service over the course of their lives. He created the USA Freedom Corps to help all Americans answer his call to service and help foster a culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility.

In 2003, President Bush created the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to find ways to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our Nation. Chaired by two-time Superbowl Champion Darrell Green, with former U.S. senators Robert Dole and John Glenn as honorary co-chairs, the Council comprises leaders in government, media, entertainment, business, nonprofit, and volunteer service organizations, as well as community volunteers.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award program is a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. This type of recognition is also designed to set a standard for every American – to encourage a sustained commitment to helping others and a lifelong habit of service.

To earn a President's Volunteer Service Award , individuals, families and groups must keep a record of their activities and hours of volunteer service. They can track their hours in a journal at home or through another system that is recommended by the Certifying Organization. Each individual, family, or group then submits its record of service to the Certifying Organization.

Individuals must submit their records to “certifying organizations” that will review and verify their records and order and distribute the award.

To be recognized service activities must meet national or community needs in the areas of youth achievement, healthy communities, and public safety and emergency response. Activities should be unpaid and may not include court-ordered community service.

Certified Award recipients receive:

1. Personalized Certificate
2. Lapel Pin
3. Letter from the President of the United States
4. Letter from the President's Council on Service & Civic Participation

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